Heavy Duty Dog Door

Dog Door Comment Collection

A collection of comments from customers of Gun Dog House Door Co. products. Satisfied dog door owners say it best. Great design … Susan – Corvallas, OR Looks good, works good … Larry– Detroit Lakes, MN Easy to install, we purchased 3 more, great product … Brian – Elmor, OH Great door … weather tight […]

A grand dog house for the Heavy Duty Dog Door to perform.

Thank you Kevin for sending pictures of the Heavy Duty Dog Door in operation at your Shiba Ibu kennel. We appreciate the feedback and the installed pictures. Here a select few from a the gallery seen here

Customer Excited to Share Photo of Installed Dog Door.

I got my new door installed today. Look’s great! – Sent via BlackBerry

Heavy Duty Dog Door Quality Supersedes Concerns.

Thanks for a great product. I installed the door this weekend. Initially, I was concerned with some of the negative comments about noise and weather tightness. I installed the door between the garage and an outside kennel. The noise is not a problem for us. This is a very well built dog door. Thanks again. Jeff D.

Stood Firm On Dog Door Choice.

I want to share a story about the dog door I ordered from you about a year or more ago. My brother-in-law was doing the construction on my project. The project was a large dog house in my garage  that would have a dog door to the outside where the fenced in dog pen is. […]

Done Replacing Plastic (Chew Toys) Flaps!

Thanks, Carl! I can’t wait to get them installed.  I have 3 young Australian Shepherds that think their current door’s plastic flaps are just marvelous chew toys!   I had gotten one of your doors for my human door into the kennel building and liked it so well I decided to install on the run […]

Canada Dog Door “Peace of Mind”

We recently ordered your heavy duty dog door to be installed in our garage door. We have a 14 year old Border Collie, a 5 year old 110 pound lab and two 4 month old lab pups. I am happy to say that all four dogs have adjusted to it very well and use it […]

VIDEO: Heavy Duty Dog Door in Action!

Watch a Black Labrador Retriever, Teal, demonstrate how the two-way door works.

Kennel Owner Charmed With 9 Dog Doors.

Thank You, Carl. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your doors!  I have 9 doors on my kennels and they have been working like a charm over the years.  Don’t know what I would have done without them. Sandra

Nice Comment, Thanks Fritz!

I installed the heavy duty door this morning in about and hour. I am pleased with the quality and am sure it will last a long time. I put it in the shop wall so the dogs can go in there during the day when it’s snowing or raining and also have a place to […]