Installing the Heavy Duty Dog Door® or Big Dog Door™ On A Wall

Installing your dog door on a wall:

The Heavy Duty Dog Door® and Big Dog Door™ are installed on the outside surface of a building, wall or door, etc.
Step #1:

measure height

Measure height

Measure the belly height of your pet from ground level to his underside to find the correct height of the door opening. Bottom edge is usually 6″ to 12″. Do not mount flush to ground.
For the Heavy Duty Dog Door™ cut the opening 12-1/2″ wide x 17-1/2″ high. For the Big Dog Door™ cut the opening 16-1/2″ wide x 25-1/2″ high.

Step #2:

Tunnel in frame wall

Example of tunnel in frame wall

If mounted on garage or house wall, frame the depth of the wall to form a tunnel through the wall. (Use 2″ X 4″ or 2″ X 6″ material.) If needed, add a least a 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ flat outside mounting surfacing.

Step #3:

dog door opening

Cut opening, if needed add a 1-1/2″ flat mounting surface.

Place door over opening and use the enclosed two 1 1/2” wood screws to hold door to opening.

Step #4:
Show dog how to use door. Your dog will learn to use your pet door almost at once, but there are a few which may be a little nervous at first.

  • The most important rule is to be patient.
  • Do not let the dog have a bad experience or it may become frightened.
  • Most dogs can be trained to use a pet door in a matter of hours. Your dog will respond to encouragement, repetition and play in particular.
  • Alternatively, use the door flap as part of a game – throw a ball through, for instance. As your dog responds to your encouraging calls, help it through the door, patting and congratulating it. Repeat the game several times, continually encouraging the animal with positive gestures and comments. Within a short time your dog will be totally familiar with its pet door and use it happily on its own.

I have seven-week old lab pups that use these doors, naturally, your dog will learn too.

Problems…see Special Dog Training Instructions

installed dog door photo

This is how an installed door looks.

front view of installed dog door

Front view of installed dog door

Installation Tips:
Install 1/8″ felt or rubber weather stripping on surface of building or door. Do not put rubber weather stripping on Gun Dog House Door®.

NOTE: If your door does not close at the bottom, the door is installed incorrectly. Unscrew door and move 1/4″ lower. If there is a gap between top strap and upper doorframe, move door 1/4″ higher.