PVC Wall Trim Kit Installation Instructions

dog door PVC wall trim kit This dog door wall trim kit is designed to install on wall thicknesses of 4” to 8”

Before beginning, check that you have all included parts.
(PVC Wall Trim Kit contains 1-inside trim frame, 1-outside trim frame, eight 1-5/8” phillips head screws. Optional: foam tape weather stripping (purchased locally)

• Place PVC Wall Trim Kit on the mounting surface at the desired location and draw a cutting template. Double check that the dimensions are 13-1/4” wide and 18-1/4” high.

Cut out the opening. If there is outside lapped siding, we suggest trimming it back two inches to create a flat mounting surface.

Lay a caulk bead around inside and outside surface along the edge of the cut opening.

First press the inside trim piece onto the caulk bead on the inside of the wall, then place the outside trim piece on the outside of the wall—sandwiching the wall between the trim pieces.

Screw the inside and outside Trim Kit pieces to the wall.

Place the foam tape weather stripping onto the outside trim kit frame along the left, right and bottom edges.

Mount the dog door to the outside trim kit frame with the two screws provided with the door. (See installation tips)