Stood Firm On Dog Door Choice.

I want to share a story about the dog door I ordered from you about a year or more ago.

My brother-in-law was doing the construction on my project. The project was a large dog house in my garage  that would have a dog door to the outside where the fenced in dog pen is. My beloved brother-in-law took my ideas and changed them a bit, but I held firm on the dog door I wanted. I’ve purchased too many of them in the past that fell apart or failed to work properly over time.

He suggested that he could get “as good” a door locally and we wouldn’t have to “wait” for shipping. I held firm to get exactly what I was sure was the best door for this project. It shipped faster than we could have found anything locally. He installed it and was impressed with the quality of the design and the durability of the materials.

Now almost two years later, my brother-in-law, who is a licensed contractor, told me that he has since used “other” dog doors with similar price. And, within a year has been called out to replace or repair the door. He recently looked at how well mine is holding up after a couple of Minnesota winters and two rousty Lab’s. His words were sweet to my ears, You picked the best, Good Job!

Now, I suspect he will be using your products when asked to use dog doors in future projects.

Thanks for a Great Product.