Dog Doors Installed on Metal Building

Thanks to Mike, a customer that installed the Heavy Duty Dog Door® on the side of a metal building. He kindly shared his ideas and pictures of the finished project. Good job.

I took several pictures to show what I did in terms of the install. Take a look and see what you think.

We had 2 inches of rain the other day and not a drop inside the outer frame of the door.



You will notice that I used flashing which I wrapped around the upper and lower door frame to protect from chewing and moisture.



On the outside vertical surfaces I used a drip edge that had a channel pre-formed in that will run the water/rain down and then put some weather seal on to seal it off.



Well I have all the outside stuff done – (new kennel runs) so I can finish the inside up now even in the bad weather with my wood stove keeping the temperature reasonable. We have been in the upper 30’s and low 40’s already this year. Still no frost yet though… but soon coming I think.


My dog had no problem with the door…went right through on the first time. Much smoother than the first time at water retrieve practice from the row boat when he hooked the gunwale while trying to jump over the side… well if you are a duck hunter with a pup …you know what happened.


Anyway, thanks for the great doors.


Best regards,