A Backyard Kennel: Home Sweet Home

When a couple is awaiting a new baby, they usually have accommodations ready before the little one comes home.

The new owner of a gun dog puppy should make the same commitment. The first thing I ask new dog owners is what kind of kennel they are going to keep their new pup in.

I always stress the importance of a good kennel.

In this day and age, our life- styles are broken down into minutes, and most of us don’t have the time to do that constant baby-sitting. A kennel eliminates that responsibility.

There’s always a time where you as an individual has to leave your dog unsupervised. A kennel is a controlled environment. It offers an area where your dog can get fresh air and the use of a corner for a bathroom. It’s their spot.

A dog kennel is an owners No. 1 training tool. It’s a place where your dog can sleep, but more importantly, a place where your dog can’t get into trouble, such as running around the neighborhood, chasing cars, playing keep-away with the kids.

The run of the house provides too many opportunities for a dog to get into trouble. Puppies will chew us everything and anything they can get their little teeth on.

Bring a dog in the house once in a while, but when not under supervision, they’re in the kennel.

The Dog House

Here are some suggestions on building a doghouse and a kennel:

  • Construct the doghouse coming out of a building (shed, garage, etc.) This allows the dog access during poor weather and makes for a nice training gear work bench.
  • Insulate Walls
  • Cover all corners that the dog may chew with Sheetrock corners or metal stripping.
  • Elevate and insulate a plywood floor. Let the dog sleep on it in the summer, since carpet or other materials retain moisture, dirt, bacteria and could cause health problems. In the winter, buy a 60-watt electric fiberglass heat mat; avoid straw or hay messes.
  • A good-fitting door. The opening should not be any larger than 13 by 18 inches.

An Attached Kennel.

  • It needn’t be larger than 4 by 10 feet. A smooth concrete floor allows for easy cleaning;
  • a gutter constructed at the end of the run can be hooked up to a septic system.
  • A 6-by-5-by-16-inch block base allows for easy cleaning.
  • For cleaning, a full swinging gate at the end of the kennel.
  • On the gate, a foot of chain hooped and closed with a lock