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Last Hunts

Inevitably, the day will come when a hunter will have to put down his aging dog. A gun dog’s life span is a short one—typically 10 to 14 years—compared with a house dog, which may live from 14 to 18 years. The difference is that a gun dog has the wear and tear of field […]

Common Courtesy In The Field

Tips on how dogs (and you) should behave in the field Probably one of the most important things a gun dog owner can do before a hunting trip is to discuss his or her dog approach and field manners with their potential partners. Nothing can ruin a hunting trip faster than a companion who doesn’t […]

Gun Dogs and Traps

Traps are few and far between but here’s some advice just in case. Most gun dog owners wait with anticipation for fall. It’s a time when they hopefully will get to see the fruits of months of training—good field work by their dogs. But they’re not the only outdoor types who live for this time of year. […]

Late Season Hunting

December is a time of honest assessment—and some of the best hunting of the year It’s transition time for most gun dog owners. They’ve had several months of upland or waterfowl field trips, but now switch gears and go big game hunting. For those owners, it’s also a good time of the year to reflect […]

Treating An Injured Dog

Try these tips out when your buddy gets into trouble People usually don’t like to think about unpleasant things, such as illness or injury. It’s just their nature. But in the case of a sick or injured dog, it’s better to have a game plan before the first hunting trip of the season than to suffer […]

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THESE ARTICLES appeared in Gun Dog Magazine from 1986 to 1996. the author, Carl H. Altenbernd. Carl is the owner of Gun Dog Kennels and Gun Dog House Door® Company with 25 plus years experience training dogs, also the owner of five black labs.

High Quality Dog Food

Now that the guns are cleaned and put away and the hunting season is over, it’s time to give the dogs a rest. This time of year, it’s nice to heal them up from bruises, the scars, you name it. But just because the field trips are done for another eight months, it doesn’t mean […]

Hunting for an Urban Training Area

A gravel road, industrial park, vacant subdivision, etc. For a dog owner who lives in the country, the possibilities for training sites are endless. There are the short and long grasses located on Conservation Reserve Program land. Or the cattail sloughs. Or the small creeks. Or the fence lines. And many more areas too numerous to name. It’s enough to make city folks drool—just […]

Land/Water Work

The dos and don’t of an important stage in any dog’s training. You’ve probably heard this story before: “He won’t retrieve on land, but he does it all the time if it’s in the water.” Hunting dog owners who think that’s the way a good water dog should act might be in for a rude awakening. It’s a […]

Teaching Obedience in the Field

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the old saying goes. But, that was probably written by a lazy old dog or a lazy owner. An older dog may have a lot of bad habits that you need to correct, but they’re still trainable. Ideally, we like to start the pup out young, when they’re 12 weeks and older. When you […]