Gun Dog House Door Co. is a family tradition.

My mom has been using these dog doors for years it seems so I ordered one for myself and one for my friend Cheryl who was building a new dog house. We are both wonderfully satisfied with the dog doors. Great Product! Our labs are now able to go in and out of their homes with no problem. Thanks for the fast shipment, it was a breeze to install.
Amy K.
South Dakota


  1. The Gun-Dog Door stays fully-functional and snug in temperatures well below zero. We did tweak our installation to minimize air gaps and heat loss. We put a heavy-duty foam on the door frame where the metal flap rests. The door fits snugly in this area, but the foam makes it more resistant to wind pressure along the edges, as well as dampening sound. We made a custom closing panel similar to the guillotine-style door shown on your web-site. For additional insulation at night, we cut a piece of blue-board to fit the door opening. It took just a little shaping around the hinges to get a perfect fit. A flat-folding flap of tape serves as a handle to easily remove it without interfering with the closing of the door panel. We can slip this insulation in place when we slide the cover closed in the evening. This is ‘low tech’ add-on, but quite effective. There is NO frost build-up on the inside wall when the door is secured this way. In the morning, it takes only seconds to open the dog’s door for a day of enthusiastic use.

    We appreciate the Gun-Dog door more each day. Our Cattle Dog views the plexi-glass door as his personal window. It did take him a few trips in and out before he’d do it at his normal (abusive) speed, but there was no real adjustment trouble for him. We will not be using one of those ‘pet store models’ of dog door EVER again. I have a video of our dog’s door on my phone so I can show it to people…it’s that awesome. Thank you for sharing your design.