Dog Door Customer Feedback and Photos

This customer is proudly sending photos of his Heavy Duty Dog Door installation and German Shorthair kennel. Nice job!

Hello Carl, I purchased four of your Gun Dog House Doors for my kennel in Medina, MN and thought I would pass on some pictures, the doors work perfectly and keep a very nice seal to keep the cold air out. Also, I included a couple of pictures that show the extra aluminum channels purchased that I used around the frames of my windows to deter my German Shorthairs form jumping up and scratching up the aluminum frames.

Thanks again for a great quality and functional product.

Mark Donahoe.


  1. I Love the concept of shutting the doors without entering the dogs personal space, I am adding a new kennel and I will be using Carl’s Guillotine style closers, I am very excited and when it is done I will send photos.
    Thanks Carl!