Gun Dog House Door Co. Videos

VIDEO: Heavy Duty Dog Door in Action!

Watch a Black Labrador Retriever, Teal, demonstrate how the two-way door works.

VIDEO: Dog Training—Retriever Dummy Launcher

Trying to train your dog to retrieve long distances can be next to impossible when training alone. A retrieving launcher simplifies the task.

VIDEO: Dog Training—Teaching the Come Whistle Command

Puppies are capable of learning even at a young age. Start training early and make it part of the daily routine. The “come” whistle will come naturally.

VIDEO: Dog Training—Puppy Learning “mark” command

Controlling the learning environment lessens the distractions for the puppy. So he concentrate on learning the retrieve.

VIDEO: Dog Training—Puppy Retrieving Methods

Learn some methods to get those puppies retrieving early in life.