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Closing Panel Installed

Nice clean installation of our Drop-In Closing Panel installed over an Easy Pet Door. Included is an outside view of the Easy Pet Door installed on stuccoed block wall.

Cats Beat Dogs Through Big Dog Door!

Hi Carl, We ordered the biggest, reinforced dog door from you last fall for our two Great Danes.  It works wonderfully, even keeping out the cold winters we have here.  But, I had to tell you that the first pets to use it were our 10 lb. cats!  They have NO trouble getting in and […]

Kennel Owner Charmed With 9 Dog Doors.

Thank You, Carl. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your doors!  I have 9 doors on my kennels and they have been working like a charm over the years.  Don’t know what I would have done without them. Sandra

Nice Comment, Thanks Fritz!

I installed the heavy duty door this morning in about and hour. I am pleased with the quality and am sure it will last a long time. I put it in the shop wall so the dogs can go in there during the day when it’s snowing or raining and also have a place to […]

Praise for the Heavy Duty Dog Door®

Thanks Jeff for the praise in straight forward and convincing words. Thanks for the door it works great. It is so nice to get a well made easy to install product for a change. All the stuff we get from the big companies is over-engineered and under-built. Thank you for not selling more cheap plastic […]

Frustrated With Vinyl Pet Doors…This Labrador Owner Discovers Gun Dog House Door!

We have two labs. A two year old yellow and a 7 month old black. I have been frustrated with conventional vinyl pet doors I used in our kennel. The last one I purchased for $80 lasted less than 36 hours. (You know labs.) Finally, I found the Gun Dog House Door Co. Heavy Duty […]

Nice Comment From Dog Door Customer

Thanks. This is my third door. Installed one in Maine and used for many years. Now living in Texas. Put one in my Mom’s house and getting ready to put one in our new home. Good product. David We appreciate the feedback David. Always happy to hear about repeat customers

Gun Dog House Door Co. is a family tradition.

My mom has been using these dog doors for years it seems so I ordered one for myself and one for my friend Cheryl who was building a new dog house. We are both wonderfully satisfied with the dog doors. Great Product! Our labs are now able to go in and out of their homes […]

Dog Doors Installed on Metal Building

Thanks to Mike, a customer that installed the Heavy Duty Dog Door® on the side of a metal building. He kindly shared his ideas and pictures of the finished project. Good job. I took several pictures to show what I did in terms of the install. Take a look and see what you think. We had […]

Repeat Customer Get Third Heavy Duty Dog Door® For Her Shar Pei Dogs.

While ordering her third dog door, Cathy Mall wrote these wonderful praises. Thank you Cathy for returning as a customer and sharing your story. Ordering Instructions Love these doors…all my doors are now covered with the Heavy Duty Dog Doors®. I ordered 2 of your doors approximately 2 years ago (or possibly more) – I […]